Rules and Regulations:

  1. There will be an average fixed monthly fee, which will be charged 12 months of the year.
    All lessons will begin in January when the government school term starts and end in December when the government school closes. (Dates will be communicated)
    Registration fees for players is R220 once-off.
  2. There will be no tennis lessons in Government school holidays, public holidays & Easter weekend.
  3. Please note that all fees are a “monthly average fee” worked out over a government term period (3months), not per lesson fee. For example: If you pay R500 per month as example, a term is R1500 (10 – 11 weeks per term). Your monthly amount will depend on what lessons you take during the week.
  4. Nobody is paying for lessons in government school holidays, the amount is just split into monthly amounts to make payments easier. Each player will have their weekly time schedule.
  5. Lessons missed by the player/parent due to rain/lightning/bad weather/personal circumstances are not guaranteed to be made up, but we do arrange free practices on a quarterly basis for those missed.
  6. If a coach is sick or can’t make a lesson, he/she will either make it up at a convenient time that suits both parties or the coach can arrange for another coach to stand in for him/her for that lesson. If, for whatever reason, a player wishes to terminate their tennis coaching, he/she is to provide a 30 day notice period and payment applies. This is also for us to wrap things up with the player and finish what we have been working on during our sessions.
  7. Coaching fees will be invoiced monthly in advance and is payable on the 1st of every month in advance.  

Our venues like sport clubs, schools or private house courts and it’s coaches will not be held responsible for any loss of property, injuries or sicknesses that might occur before, during or after a lesson at the coaching venue, although we try to make things as safe as possible.

Payment Terms & Banking Details:

  • Coaching fees will be invoiced monthly in advance.
  • Invoices will be sent monthly via email.
  • Payments must be made by EFT or in cash by the 01st of every month.
  • Account name:

    First National Bank
    Tjek 630 782 555 78
    Branch Code 210759

  • Please use your Initial, Surname & the Month as reference. (For example, B. Botha – NOV)

Parent Agreement Form

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